Nopalea Testimonials

These Nopalea Testimonials are all from people that have tried Nopalea and have left their opinion on the product. Both the good and the bad Nopalea Testimonials.

testimonials 1I was in an accident a few years ago. Someone rear ended me at a stop sign and ever since then I have suffered from back, neck and leg pain daily.

More recently I have added plantar facitis to my list of pain complaints. It caused me to suffer from excruciating pain for over a month with no sign of let up.

The pain affected my ability to walk, my concentration, my ability to sleep and my mood.

Since my accident we receive a plethora of ads weekly stating they are the cure-all for this or that. Many are quickly dismissed by a google review search for each item. So when a friend of ours told us about Nopalea it gained some ground in credibility since it was from an established source, but I still followed up with a Google search.

Once I had completed my search and read several testimonials that gave much credit to the product we took the plunge and ordered some. I was amazed at the results in such a short time. I would not say it took the pain away 100% nor would I guarantee it would work for everyone.

I will say that it worked for my friend that introduced me to it and after a week of drinking the Nopalea my foot pain became tolerable. It has been a month and a half and although the pain has not totally ceased, I can walk and even run almost like I could in the past before I injured it.

I felt so good about the results I ordered some for my daughter who suffers from fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia and a couple of other things that leave her in chronic pain daily and robs her of her joy for life.

She is only 34 and it breaks my heart to see her suffer. She has been taking it for a little over a month and has gone from being reclusive and staying home curled up on the couch trying to forget how she feels to going out with her two boys and participating in life like she used to.

I am thankful to my friend who introduced me to Nopalea and take every opportunity to tell my friends about how it has changed my life as well as my daughter’s life.
~Kathleen C.


I started using Nopalea one month ago. In that time, I have seen improvement in my inflammatory arthritis symptoms and have been able to decrease the amount of prescribed medication I take for this condition.

As a medical practitioner, I am always skeptical of any product claims to improve health and diagnosed conditions. But, I decided to take a chance and try Nopalea. So far, I’m glad I did. Will continue to use and see what occurs. I have not experienced any weight loss. ~Angie

Worked for My Problem

testimonials 2I was about as low mentally and physically as I could go. My daughter suggested I try Nopalea.

It took several week for the full effect but I noticed a difference at two week intervals. It didn’t cure my inflammation but helped the pain and reduced the amount of medication I have to take; which is less side effects for me.

It is expensive but worth the price to help me have a good quality of life. I recommend the product but I also know that it doesn’t work the same for everyone. I have become acquainted with several people who have tried Nopalea and some swear by it and others say it didn’t help them. Give it a try.

The company is reputable and will honor the 60 day guarantee for a refund, minus the shipping charges. ~Jamblo

This is Good Stuff

I first bought Nopalea last year and found it to be effective. Right away, it eased my joint pain and made me feel better overall. I gave it to my mother who was turning 80 and had stubborn back and joint pain. It stopped her pain fairly quickly. After a few months of only taking it a couple of times a week, she said that she, “hasn’t felt this good in decades.”

Therefore, I highly recommend Nopalea to anyone suffering from frequent pain. I would not say that it is the cure-all, you have to keep taking it in order for it to work, but I will say that it is among the best herbal product that I have ever taken. ~D. Phillips

This Juice Ferments in Less Than 2 Months!

What a waste of money! I bought this product a couple of months ago because of the beneficial ingredients advertised and health benefits, but sadly within 2 months of still having the product I drank some one morning and it tasted fermented! horrible that it didn’t even last until expiration date listed on the bottle! SAVE YOUR MONEY AND DON’T BUY THIS PRODUCT!!! ~Y.W.

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Lactose Intolerant FREE
This worked wonders for me. I originally ordered it due to shoulder pain, that greatly limited my range of motion. I concluded that I had bursitis (have had it before). The pain only increased and lasted more than 2mths. So, I drank 3oz daily, and halfway into the 3rd bottle my pain was completely gone.

What was totally unexpected and remarkable was that I am free from more than 4yrs of severe lactose intolerance. A hint of dairy: milk, ice cream, cheese, etc.. caused great discomfort and embarrassing side effects. I love dairy based foods, so I suffered (often). I noticed that consuming dairy here & there was not causing any ‘reaction’.

I could only attribute my results to Nopalea juice. I tested it by eating a pint of ice cream. What would normally have me doubled over in pain, and running to the restroom, left me with a smile on my face and a thankful heart.

Most days I drink 1oz per day, however even after skipping several days I have had no bad results from dairy. My personal testimony of it working is so powerful to me. I have decided to sell the product, help others, and also earn a little extra income. ~A.Y.

Same Results as Vicodin but With No Buzz Feeling or Health Risk

testimonial 3I was in a double impact car accident: hit from the side and spun into a light pole. I was not able to work for two years. At that time, I took tons of pain medication and cortisone injections…..along w/ expensive chiro treatment that continued and continued……..

With no job…was forced to live with my boyfriend….stopped seeing my chiro due to distance….saw this commercial…..IT WORKS!!!

For those who it takes hours to fall asleep…trying to get into a comfortable position, desperate to finally be able to relax just to sleep…sounds familiar??

Even getting up from a seated position use to be so painful!! I’ve been on the program for 1 week…I was expecting it to take a month….great to know it can only get better from this point!!!

This is God sent and I’m going to continue with the program and drop the drugs and expensive chiro. ~Flana888

Definitely Works Just Wish It Was Less Expensive

I had a long talk with the customer service rep before purchasing and I kept thinking this is not going to work but if it doesn’t I’m sending it back and getting my refund. that was over four bottles ago.

It’s been about two months and I am pain free. I am thrilled that it works because nothing else did and at 45 I was concerned that my body wouldn’t last through all the joint pain I had. I’m still skeptical because I don’t understand how it was able to relieve all the pain, even my monthly cramps and headaches.

Be warned, one bottle only last me a week and I was told to do 5oz the first bottle and 3oz thereafter. It’s worth a try especially since you can send it back if it doesn’t work. ~Debbie G.

A Product That Gave Results

My father 87, saw on the TV this product advertised. I have ordered 2 bottles from Product has arrived, my father start using this Sonoran Bloom, AND GOT RESULTS.

He stops using Voltaren that he used for his back pain. He looks better, sleeps better.
In one phrase please use this product and the result ARE GUARANTEED. We have the proof of this. Very much recommended and I will feel happy if someone reads this review and use the product and experience the 100% advertised improvement.

Please feel very confident to use this product because it Helps and bring you back to a good quality of life. I have now 2 boxes of 4 bottles arriving in Miami tomorrow Monday. Thanks for reading this true testimony. ~Myron J.

Good Stuff

I am taking this every day and while others are sneezing and coughing, I am feeling just great. I have had an onset of rheumatoid arthritis and this product seems to be helping with it too. It tastes great and goes down so easily. I plan on getting more when I run out. ~Grams and Hailey

Artificial Sweetners

I ordered this as my free bottle (paying only $10 shipping) and withstood the high-pressure hard sell to get me to order more right away. I just wanted to try it first. I’m glad I just ordered the one bottle because I think the taste is awful, plus there are alot of ingredients other than nopal.

I don’t like artificial sweetners, including Stevia, which is what is in here and I know some people like, but I don’t. With all the other fruit extracts in it I wonder why they felt the need to put in the cloying, fakey, over-sweet Stevia in it.

It might taste good if just left with the natural tart fruit flavors. And people could always add their preferred sweetner if they chose.

Getting to my next point, I am interested in trying nopal cactus fruit for the health benefits, but I was disappointed to see this has alot of other stuff in it, so I’m going to try for something more pure. ~Eternalgirlgeek

My Nopalea Testimonials Entry

I thought I would include this post with my Nopalea testimonials. I’ve documented my results in my Nopalea Reviews post, but in a nutshell I had terrible insomnia. I was getting only 3 to 4 hours of sleep per night, if that.

I started taking the Nopalea juice and after 3 to 4 weeks my sleep cycles returned to normal. I’ve gotten my life back and that includes no more aches and pains, allowing me to enjoy being active and fit, which is one of my loves.  ~Richard R.