Does Nopalea Work?

Does Nopalea work I thought to myself, lying awake in the wee hours of the morning.

can't sleep

I have always had trouble sleeping and of course have tried all the remedies like warm milk, counting sheep and a variety of other farm yard animals, and a few other things I don’t care to relate in the company of children.

finding solutionsYou name it and I have probably tried it. I have never been one for sleeping pills or drugs of any type, so that left me with a serious sleep deprivation issue.

I guess over time one gets used to 3 and 4 hour sleep periods, but your body and mind still ache for more.

It was during one of these periods of sleeplessness that I was flipping on the tube and saw an infomercial for Nopalea. The commercial hosts talked about inflammation within our bodies and this wonderful cactus juice drink made by Trivita called Nopalea that helped combat oxidation within our bodies.

Does Nopalea Work – I Thought Watching the Program

I don’t know I said to myself, but if it can be a safe and natural way to get some serious shut eye, then I was all in.

The next day I called the number listed from the television program and ordered two bottles of the stuff. A few days later, my Nopalea juice drink arrived and I was ready to try it.

It was very sweet for me at first so I diluted it with a few ounces of water and added some ice. That made a huge difference and it just tasted great.

The Next Few Weeks

nopalea 1Over the next week I continued to take 2 ounces of Nopalea with water and ice. I didn’t really feel any different, but I told myself that I would be on the cactus juice regimen until I ran out of the stuff.

The second week of taking the stuff there were a few days during the week that I actually got a good amount of sleep. I was feeling better. Does Nopalea work on insomnia? The answers were looking positive.

During the third and fourth weeks I was able to get full rest. I don’t know what it was about my body that was preventing me from shutting down and getting some sleep, but whatever the problem was, Nopalea helped me sleep better.

Does Nopalea Work – For Me, Yes!

I’ve been taking the Nopalea juice for quite some time now and don’t have any more issues trying to fall asleep. I’ve been able to get my life back and now I can run and exercise on a more frequent basis.

I’m not worn out so much, which helps with my mental clarity. And overall I just feel great now.
I can’t speak and say Nopalea is going to work well for you or that it will miraculously cure you of whatever you are suffering from, but what I can tell you is that your health is vitally important.

Why not try a product that works on the inside, revitalizing our cells and fighting inflammation at a cellular level. You get 60 days I believe to try the product and if it doesn’t make a difference in your life, just ship the bottles back (empty no matter) and get your money back if dissatisfied. Does Nopalea work? For me—a resounding YES!