Nopalea is a wellness drink created from the nopal cactus, which
contains powerful antioxidants, naturally sweet agave nectar, and
a complete host of beneficial nutrients.

The nopal cactus is harvested from the Sonoran Desert and then
sent immediately to the processing facilities, where the Nopal
cactus fruit is juiced to a puree and the fresh ingredients are
bottled into what is known as Nopalea.

The word Nopalea is derived from “Nopal”, which is a type of
cactus found in the Sonoran Desert, especially known for its
antioxidant-rich healing properties.

The Main Ingredient in Nopalea is The Nopal Cactus Fruit

What makes the fruit so powerful is that it contains
one of the highest concentrations of Betalains(powerful
antioxidants) of any fruit in existence.

Betalains are natural antioxidants and found in only a few plants
in the world. And of all the plants that contain Betalains, the
Nopal cactus has the highest concentration.

Betalains have scientifically been shown to:

  • Reduce bad cholesterol – Betalains reduce oxidized LDL cholesterol
  • Protect cells from toxins – Betalains protect many types of cells from toxins that are known to cause tumors.
  • Reduce the risk of blood clots – Betalains protect the thin lining of your blood vessels, which helps reduce the inflammation that leads to blood clots.
  • Liver Protection – Betalains provide protection from toxins that affect your liver.

What Makes Nopalea Different From Other Super-Food Wellness Products?

If you look in the marketplace today, you will find a dizzying amount
of products to choose from that contain antioxidants to help slow the
aging process and fight free radical damage.

This list includes: Acai, Noni, Mangosteen, Mona Vie, etc., but what
separates this product from others is the high concentration of Betalains.

nopal cactus fruit

Betalains also give the Nopal cactus fruit its rich red and pink color.

Betalains are antioxidant bullies that have been scientifically studied
and proven to help the body detoxify itself from the harmful elements
our bodies are exposed to on an everyday basis.

Reduce Inflammation

To put it simply, inflammation is your immune system’s answer to
damage within the body. Things like smoking, a poor diet, being
overweight, stress, and even lack of exercise contribute to
inflammation within the body.

We live in a very toxic environment from the water we drink, the air
that we breathe, and even in the food that we eat. These harmful
toxins are even produced by our own bodies.

What happens when there is something wrong within your body is that
there is an immediate reaction, as your white blood cells go to the
scene of the damage and start destroying damaged cells.

Chemical signals are produced from calling for more help, and a part
of this response is that free radicals are created, which helps
attack the damaged area. Ultimately the body fixes the damage by
repairing the tissues, and balance is restored.

What Happens If Your Immune System Can’t Fix The Damage?

Well, inflammation will continue as the free radicals, instead
of stopping when a body is healthy, will continue attacking body
tissues, but will now start attacking healthy cells.

This leads to continued inflammation within the body, which causes
more damage within the body, and ultimately a chronic, never ending
cycle of inflammation, causing serious trouble.

You fight harmful carcinogens, hormone disruptors, respiratory toxins,
developmental toxins, and neurotoxins that are known to cause a
quarter of all the world’s diseases.

By drinking Nopalea you help protect the trillions of cells within your
body against inflammation.

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